PREMIUM double memory Biote

Height 35cm!
15 year warranty!


Duvet Dopio Biote
MEMORY pillow
Protective layer



With a height of 35 cm Mattress of maximum quality. The perfect mattress for you, for total relaxation and maximum pleasure. Our PRIME mattress is designed to represent the perfect sleep for our customers. 30% of life is devoted to the mattress, for this reason, we have brought you perfection, to beautify your life.

For a better LIFE!

In our lives, we spend most of our time sleeping, which is why the quality of our sleep is so important. It helps us to be more energetic, get up early in the morning and have a better life. For this reason, we thought that you would be offered the best product on the market.

Quality, our pride!

Our proud mattresses are the highest quality mattresses on the market. Biote, PRIME is even better.

The composition of the mattress is created in two layers, for maximum comfort. The top layer, composed of an exceptional thickness of MEMORY, makes you lose yourself in your dreams. The rest of the mattress is designed to have extraordinary longevity, and maintain its quality as the first day.

If you are looking for perfection, we are close to you!!!


Single Size, 100x200cm, 120x190cm, Double Size, King Size, Superking Size, 200x200cm


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